Celebrating 75 years as the oldest Boxing gym in canada

Host to Muhammed Ali, Razor Ruddock, George Chuvalo, & Lennox Lewis.

While it’s those big name boxers who have helped to create Sully’s legendary status in the boxing world,  Sully’s real identity comes from the thousands of kids who have come there over the years because they wanted to learn to box. They were lost, they found something they were good at, they found reason. Toronto’s very own boxing gym.

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Sully's Trailer By Mitch Bowmile

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Reigning Champ x Fahim Kassam

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Short Trailer By Mitch Bowmile


The only place in Toronto that you can be taught by a former Canadian Heavy Weight Boxing Champion.

Open Gym

Feel free to work on your own, we are equipped with fitness and boxing specific equipment.

Private lessons

Book an appointment with our unique coaches with years of experience and a list of fighters to prove it.


Get the full experience by becoming an amateur boxer, join our competitive program and compete. 


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Non-Profit Boxing Gym

We believe in youth and the power of focused mindset. We work to cultivate lessons of discipline, self worth and motivation, both physically and mentally to enable children to grow into adulthood as better citizens of Toronto and the world.

Currently in the works is both an after-school program and a summer camp designed to give  kids the support needed to harness these values. 

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Our Testimonials

“If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what your looking for in a trainer, then this place is for you! These guys are a professional and know so much about boxing techniques and culture, I can only highly recommend.”

- Robert


“If you’re looking for a boxing gym where you can disappear into the background to half-ass a workout, then sip a protein shake in an air-conditioned lounge, be assured: this ain’t it.​

- Joe


I joined just over a year ago and love everything about training with Tony and all of the other members! It’s a very welcoming atmosphere…young and old, trained and untrained, everyone is welcome!”

- Lydia



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